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Do Solar Panels Make Your Roof Last Longer?

The sun’s energy has been a great resource since time immemorial. However, being utilized adequately only since the last decade in the form of solar panels, these harvest solar energy and provide electricity. They have proven to be very efficient and can help in saving a lot of money on your electricity bills.

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Does it come to your mind if these panels are favorable for your roof? Does it make your roof last longer? Or does it make the roof weaker? Many people worry about the drilling needed to install these panels. Drilling could lead to water dripping inside your attic. But is it like that? Let’s find out.


Solar panels, also known as PV panels, come in various types of solar panels, each designed to efficiently convert the energy particles of the rays called photons into electricity.These generate electricity for various systems leading from remote power systems to commercial and residential electrical systems.

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The solar panels accumulate renewable energy in the form of photons present in the sunlight. A single solar cell consists of silicon, boron, and phosphorus. When all the solar cells are together, they generate electric currents. These currents create enough electricity to run all the appliances in a day. The house uses the excess energy conserved in the principal power grid at night.


Many people worry about the damage their roof will suffer in the process of solar panel installations. But do they need to worry about the imaginary holes drilled into their roof?
Brackets or solar shingles used to install solar panels, make the installation process effortless. Solar panels do not merely keep your electricity bill low, but they also come with some added benefits.

A cooler house

In addition to absorbing the sun’s rays, solar panels also reflect those rays and provide a break to thermal energy. The roofs covered by solar panels show an average drop of 5 degrees, keeping your cooling bill even lower.


Once installed, the solar panels don’t require much maintenance. They equally protect your roof from different weather conditions, making it cost-effective and helping you save money on roof repairs. Since installation rarely needs drilling, one saves enough money on further restoration of the attic in case of water leaks. The panels act as a shield for the roof, reducing weather-related damages and increasing its life.

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A standard house has enough roof surface to accommodate the required number of panels needed to produce electricity for the entire home. The roof remains the foremost requirement for the installation of solar panels. However, if your roof is not in good condition, these panels won’t last long and may damage your roof and the attic too.

The following signs identify with roof damage:

  1. Broken or loose tiles.
  2. Damage caused by water.
  3. Cracked tiles or shingles
  4. Damage to the structure of the roof.
  5. Dilapidated materials inside and outside the roof that damage the structure of the building later.

Things to consider when replacing a roof:

  1. Roofing material:
    Consider all the possible options and compare them thoroughly. There are diverse options available on the market. If it is confusing for you, take the help of roofing experts.
  2. Quality:
    The reasonable prices offered by some contractors can be enticing, but you should focus on the quality of the work and the materials that they are going to use. Make sure to use the best materials, as you don’t want to compromise the health or safety of your loved ones. Investing in quality would undoubtedly yield long-lasting results.
  3. Ask about changing the roof entirely.
    If you have rotting wood underneath the shingles, you need to get the roof replaced entirely. Merely replacing the shingles would only act as a temporary band-aid and won’t resolve the issue altogether.
  4. A noisy business.
    Replacing a roof will undoubtedly be a noisy affair. You need to inform your neighbors about the process and probably stay out of the house during work hours.
  5. Material disposal.
    Ask the contractors about the disposal process of the removed parts. They will possibly bring containers to dispose of the material. If they do this, make sure to ask them where they are going to place those containers and what they would do in case of any property damage.
  6. Read the contract carefully.
    Make sure to read the contract provided by the company very carefully. This includes the material requirements and time slots mentioned by them. Instantly contact them if you find any issue with the paperwork. Ask the contractor about their permits and insurance covers too.


Solar installations may be an expensive business but are also cost-effective in the long run. It increases the lifespan of your roof and provides better protection, making it a reliable option to invest in.



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