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Residential Solar Panels Solutions

Residential Solar Power Solutions for Southern Arizona Homes

Incorporating a solar energy system into your home is a sound investment. On top of enjoying government incentives and energy savings, you are also supporting Arizona’s effort to build a greener community and environment. As one of the best states for solar power, you will also benefit from strong net metering policies and support from the state and the federal government. A solar-powered home also increases in value over time, so think of integrating solar energy into your power supply as a gift that just keeps on giving!

Let Solar Solution AZ help you enjoy the far-reaching benefits of going solar. Our residential solar power panel services are comprehensive and flexible, suited to meeting the different needs of homeowners in Southern Arizona.

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Our systems come with a standard 25-year product warranty.

Residential Solar Solution

Whether you’re purchasing or leasing a new system, our sales team will help you find the most suitable financing plan and product for your energy needs. As a friendly local expert, we commit to providing no-nonsense solar power services, where each stage of the project execution is handled by experts.

Solar Financing Options for Residential Solar Panels

Solar Purchase or Loan

The best option for MOST homeowners. A solar loan lets you claim the full benefit of all solar incentives, including the 26% federal investment tax credit. This option saves you the most money long-term, so long as you are eligible for most incentives. Our solar panel system purchases all come with a 25-year comprehensive warranty, protecting you from unforeseen maintenance costs.

Solar Lease

A solar lease lets you obtain a solar power system without having to deal with the tax credits or any of the hassles that come with ownership. Solar leases will always save you less money than a solar loan. We offer a 20-year lease term which covers all installation and maintenance costs.

Purchasing an entire solar energy system upfront can be a burden on your finances. This is why we provide flexible solar financing solutions, including the following:

We recommend consulting with one of our solar energy experts to determine which solar program is best for you to maximize your savings.

Running your home on clean, renewable solar energy has never been easier and more affordable.

Let Solar Solution AZ make the experience seamless and rewarding. Get in touch with us today!


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