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Solar Monitoring System

SolarEdge Monitoring Platform lets you stay up to date on how much electricity your solar panel system is producing.

Our Solar Monitoring System Data Is Online

As a customer of Solar Solution AZ, you qualify for free monitoring services for the life of your solar panel system. This monitoring program, through SolarEdge, lets you see the production of your panel system down to the individual panel. This is especially useful in diagnosing any suspected problems and making sure that your solar panel system is producing as much power as it should be.

Our local monitoring team is constantly analyzing customers’ usages through the SolarEdge portal, but this monitoring portal is available to you, the homeowner, as well.

Your own monitoring portal is at: and is available as a convenient app for both Apple and Android mobile devices.

For any questions about production, or to obtain your SolarEdge login credentials, please contact our monitoring department at 520-858-0220

SolarEdge Online Monitoring:

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