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How Long Can a Solar Battery Power a House?

Many people use solar power systems in addition to electricity from the power grid to supplement their household energy consumption. If you frequently deal with power outages, you might ask, “How long can a solar battery power a house?”

Several factors affect the answer to this question, but 10 kWh batteries can power an average home for 24 hours. If you need residential solar systems in Arizona, contact Solar Solutions AZ. Call 520-858-0220 to learn more about solar batteries.

Factors that Affect Solar Battery Power

In recent years, weather-related power outages rose 78%. If your home frequently loses power, you might wonder if solar power could be helpful. Solar power is ideal for everyday electricity needs, and it can also supply your home with emergency backup power.

A 10-kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery can power a home for approximately 24 hours. However, this estimate depends on several factors.

Battery Sizes/Storage Capacity

Your battery storage capacity determines how much power your home can access at one time. Most homes have a single 10 kWh battery, which means that a fully charged battery can only supply 10 kW per hour.

If you want to expand the battery capacity for your home, you can install multiple units. However, most homes get by just fine with a single battery. You’d likely only lose power completely during an extended power outage that lasts longer than one day. 

Battery Health

To ensure the battery’s longevity, never let it fall below 5-10% charge. On the other hand, keeping it continually charged to 100% can cause overheating and degradation. 

Solar Power System Output

How long can a solar battery power a house? Calculate your available solar energy with the following equation:

The battery’s kWh rating x The number of sunlight hours per day x Your system’s performance rating

Performance ratings are also called power ratings. They essentially describe how efficient your system is. Under ideal conditions, your performance rating would be 100%, but it’s usually a bit lower than this.

Your Home’s Electrical Requirements

Finally, consider your home’s electrical requirements. The more energy you use, the faster you’ll drain your battery. Essentials may include refrigerators/freezers, electric stoves, water heaters, and lights. Heating and AC systems are important, but they consume three kWh every hour.

How to Make a Solar Battery Last Longer

A standard 10 kWh battery can power a house for about 24 hours (as long as the heat and AC aren’t running). The charge lasts even longer if it’s a sunny day and you are careful about your energy consumption.

Follow these tips if you want to extend the battery charge during a power outage:

  • Wash your hands and dishes in cold water
  • Don’t run your heating or AC
  • Unplug unnecessary appliances
  • Keep the refrigerator closed

Get Solar Power for Your Home

So how long can a solar battery power a house? Quite a while, especially if homeowners follow energy-saving protocols. We understand that buying solar panels and investing in a solar system can be overwhelming. That’s why the experts at Solar Solution AZ are here to help. Call 520-858-0220 to harness the power of the Arizona sun.


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