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New Solar Panel Technology: Trends in 2022

Solar power is a widely accepted form of energy that continues to take the nation by storm. Although the pandemic slowed the industry’s growth by 38%, with employee declines from roughly 302,000 to 188,000 workers, 2021’s 30% production increase quickly brought solar power close to its former glory. 

Stepping into 2022, the solar industry decided that new solar panel technology is key to future growth along with worker population increases. Solar Solution AZ, your go-to company for residential solar installation in Arizona, not only uses these new technologies but plans to incorporate future tech in the pipeline. 

Solar Skins

While solar power utilizes the sun’s rays and reduces utility bills, many Arizona residents find the heavy, black rectangles on rooftops overwhelming. They’re aesthetically displeasing and the first thing passersby notice, especially when resting against light-colored roofs. 

Solar skins effectively improve the look of solar panels with thin films similar to ad wraps. These films sit over panels, hiding their generic appearance beneath a custom one of your choosing. While some homeowners match the skins to their rooftop for an unnoticeable appearance, business owners upload their logo or project their business name from an aerial view. 

These rail-less racking components also have a high filtration level. They allow sunlight to reach underlying solar cells for optimal solar energy. Despite the 10% solar installation cost increase, these elements may be the visual improvements you’ve been waiting on. 

Building-Integrated Photovoltaics

Building-Integrated Photovoltaics, or BIPV solar power technology, is another way to go if you want all the perks of solar energy without it being an eyesore. Think beyond typical rooftop additions and consider effortlessly incorporating the panels into other areas of your structure’s exterior. These areas may include:

  • Curtains, canopies, and sunshades
  • Roofs, sunroofs, and walls
  • Terrace floors and balconies
  • Facades
  • Windows 

This new solar panel technology blends into the architecture, complementing the structure’s design. It also saves you money since you’re opting for solar equipment over standard building material.

Since contractors integrate this sound and thermal insulating option into the structure during construction, include it in the original blueprints rather than as an add-on.

Silicon Recycling

To many homeowners, it’s not simply about solar energy production and appearance but what to do with them so that they don’t end up in a landfill once they’ve run their course. Currently, 95% of all panels consist of recyclable silicon solar technology. Furthermore, 100% recyclable PERC solar cells are in the pipeline. 

As new solar panel technology evolves further, silicone recycling will reduce waste and provide more raw materials for manufacturing. 

Solutions to Your Solar Needs

Whether you’re curious about the crystal structure in new solar panel technology or why solar power is a good choice for tiny homes, you’ve come to the right place. We at Solar Solution AZ will lay out all your options. Our team guarantees a solar power solution that’ll match your energy needs, home design, and budget. 

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