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Solar Panels in the Winter

Over the years, we’ve installed our solar panels in each and every season, we’re always asked “What About Solar Panels in the Winter?” So we thought we could answer a few of those in advance. Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions about solar panel performance during the winter months.

How do solar panels perform in winter?

Since solar panels work with light, not heat, it doesn’t matter how cold it gets outside. In fact, solar panels perform better in cooler temperatures than in very hot temperatures. With pretty much continuous sunshine throughout the year here in Tucson, there are 0 problems with lack of energy conversion.

Since it’s so cloudy in the winter, will my solar panels produce any electricity at all?

Yes. Even when it’s cloudy outside, your solar panels will still produce electricity. As long as there is light, your system will convert it into clean energy. Since the days are a bit shorter, you won’t produce energy for as long as you would during long summer days.

What if it snows?

When Solar Solution Az installs your panels are in the best position to get the maximum amount of sunlight possible; usually, your system will be installed facing the south, west, or southwest. Since the panels are smooth, snow doesn’t stick to them as it would to rough roof shingles, so it typically melts or slides away quickly and easily on its own. So the 1 to 3 inches  (in a blizzard here in Tucson) we MAY get, there would be no issues regarding your panels or energy output.

What about big shifts in temperature between night and day?

Extreme shifts in temperature can wreak havoc on conventional solar cells and panels, if you ever had a question about extremes in the weather, see our roads. When the temperature is above freezing, rain can seep down into the asphalt. When the temperature drops below freezing, the water that seeped into the asphalt freezes and expands, causing cracks and potholes. Solar hot water cells can crack from extremes in temperature, but photo-voltaic solar cells (the kind that power your home) are very unlikely to ever crack or be damaged from extremes in temperature.

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