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Will Solar Panels Work For My Manufactured/Mobile Home?

Solar Panel Systems have become increasingly popular in Tucson over the last few years, and it is pretty easy to see why. No money down financing, home equity boosts, and upfront savings from my electric bill? Where do I sign up?

Electric customers that are living in Manufactured or Mobile homes have been all but left out of this scramble for savings. Most solar installers neglect these homeowners simply because they haven’t done the proper engineering, or because their financing doesn’t allow for Manufactured homes. Even the installers that would work with these homeowners only typically offer more expensive ground mount set-ups, avoiding the roof of the Manufactured home.

At Solar Solution AZ, our mission is to better the community in any way possible, and to further that goal, we now offer solar programs that work with Manufactured homes!

There are a few factors we need to look at, however, to make sure that these programs will work for you:

  • Must be the Home Owner
  • Must be connected to APS, TEP, TRICO, UniSource, ED3, or SSVEC electric grids
  • When roof-mounted, must be Double-Wides built after 1980
  • If on a standalone structure, instead of the roof, you must be the land-owner

If those sound like you, then we have a solar program that can start saving you money in month one!

The average savings a customer of ours would see on a manufactured home is roughly $70,000 over 25 years and over 20% less the very first month!

This is dependent upon your local utility programs, for more information, check out our other solar articles.

Start letting the electric company and the sun work for you! Give us a call at (520) 858-0220 today to see if solar will work for you and your home!


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