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Solar Panels Tucson

Does solar really save you money in Tucson?

What are the benefits of going solar in Tucson Arizona?

Why do you see so much solar power in Tucson?

With over 50 years of Tucson solar experience and over three thousand solar panel customers, we know a thing or two about solar panels in Tucson!

Solar energy works great in Southern Arizona and Pima County! Anyone who has been to Tucson knows that it’s sunny (and full of cactus), but did you know that solar panels actually produce more in Tucson because of how much sun there is? We have over 300 days of sunshine per year here in Tucson, more than enough to get your home energized on clean power!

The local electrical utility companies, TEP, TRICO, SSVEC, APS, UNISOURCE, etc… all have great programs for homeowners to go solar! The electric companies have to meet certain quotas for renewable energy, so they want you to switch to solar power! You are able to stay connected to the grid while making your own renewable power for less than what the electric companies would have charged you!

The government tax credit is still in effect! The federal government will cover 30% of your solar panel system cost through their federal investment tax credit!

We have flexible $0 down solar programs! Get started with solar with no money out of pocket and flexible solar purchase and solar lease options!

When you want the best for your home in Tucson, go with the best solar panel installation company! Join the Solar Solution AZ family today! (520) 858-0220


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