ROC# 282700/305145

Solar Solution AZ Residential Transferable Loan Program

The Solar Solution AZ Residential Transferable Loan Program is designed to give homeowners more flexibility as to the options they have with their home and their solar. The main benefit of this program is that if someone’s housing plans change the flexibility of this specific program allows homeowners to transfer the solar loan from owner to owner.

More Specifically this loan has multiple benefits:

-640 Fico Score Qualification

-Owner to Owner Transferability

-Recast feature that re-amortizes the loan after 18months

-$50,000-$100,000 unsecured credit lines

– 10-year 2.99% Interest loans

– 15-year 3.49% Interest loans

– 20-year 3.99% Interest loans

It’s hard to beat a 14% rate of return or a 5-6 year return on investment or a positive cash flow deal that builds your equity over time, especially when you consider that the rate of return is tax-free because it is savings, not earnings. That makes the true rate of return to you closer to 20%.

It’s just hard to beat that.


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