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Can Solar Energy Be Stored? 

With energy prices reaching all-time highs and concerns about climate change dominating the headlines, more home and business owners are looking to solar panels as a clean, renewable source of electricity. Solar energy is an ideal solution in sunny Arizona, but many people have the same question: Can solar energy be stored? After all, the sun doesn’t shine every day, and on days when it does, the panels may produce more energy than your building uses. 

Solar Solution AZ has all the answers about energy management and electricity storage, and the answer to this question is a resounding yes. As Arizona’s reliable solar installer, we also help property owners find the best storage solutions to ensure they’re harnessing the maximum amount of power for their investment. Check out the following solar energy storage options, then call us at (520) 858-0220 to discuss the best choice for your Tucson area property. 

Why Should You Store Solar Energy?

Although southern Arizona gets plenty of sunshine, there are days and times when the clouds take over. When this happens, having a supply of renewable power to draw ensures you can keep the electricity on without relying as heavily on the grid. 

Other reasons to store power include:

  • Backup for power outages. Saved solar power can keep the lights on when the power goes out. 
  • Saving money. Switching to saved solar energy during peak usage periods, when the power companies charge more for electricity, can slash your bills. 
  • Reducing fossil fuel consumption. Solar power is a sustainable technology, meaning it will never run out. The more power you collect and store, the less fossil fuel you use, which cuts down on carbon emissions and supports efforts to fight climate change. 

How to Store Solar Energy 

When you invest in solar panels, the question isn’t “Can solar energy be stored?” but “How should I store solar energy?” You have three options: Battery, thermal, or mechanical storage. 

Battery storage, either in a lead-acid or lithium-ion battery, is the most common choice. They are affordable and simple, ideal for people who want a reliable backup during outages or high-use periods. 

Thermal storage stores the heat from solar power in water or molten salt. When necessary, the stored power can produce heat or electricity.

Mechanical energy storage typically uses water to create power. The solar energy powers a pump that moves water uphill, where it then flows downhill through a turbine and into a reservoir before starting the process over again. This type of storage can store the most energy, so it’s common in power plants. 

Another way to store solar energy is via net metering. The local power company provides credit to property owners for the solar energy they produce, which they apply to their power bills. 

Let Solar Solution AZ Help You Make the Switch 

If you want to learn more about solar energy or have more questions like “Can solar energy be stored?” get in touch with Solar Solution AZ in Tucson at (520) 858-0220. They can explain everything, from the basics of solar panel power output to how to get the most from your investment in renewable power. 


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