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TEP is Getting On Board With Solar!!!

We received a call yesterday from TEP to attend a meeting in regards to the TEP solar program that may or may not be kicking off in 2015. TEP is going to be setting up solar systems for their customers so as to help the forward progress of solar and to get on board with the transition into a greener world. I personally believe that there is some profit motive here because TEP is an investor-owned utility company. But it’s ok for investors to make money and at the same time save the average everyday family money right? I would agree so Solar Solution AZ is on board with helping TEP integrate more solar into Tucson. We hope the program is fair and that it actually saves TEP customers money and that is not a gimmick like their solar plan before. The solar plan before was where a customer would pay a premium to buy a couple of solar panels at one of the TEP solar farms. The deal was pretty much a rip-off where a customer would never see a return on investment.

There is no clear indication on whether or not this plan is going to be approved or not but if TEP’s plan is fair and it saves customers money we at Solar Solution AZ are on board with that but if it does not save the customer money you can rest assured that we will not be a part of it.

More to come I will provide an update next week after the meeting.


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