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We Work with TRICO!

Can solar be installed on my home if I have TRICO electric utility? Will solar save me money if my home is connected to TRICO? Does TRICO allow solar panels on my home?

YES! We can install onto homes connected to the TRICO Electricity Grid! 

YES! Our solar panels WILL save you money in TRICO!

YES! TRICO Absolutely allows solar panels on your house!

As the largest local solar installer in Southern Arizona, we have taken a stand to ensure that all of our community has access to cheap renewable energy! We have designed a solar program to work with TRICO customers to save them money on their electric bills.

There have been some changes with how solar customers connect to TRICO’s electric grid that has kept some solar installers from working with TRICO customers, but not Solar Solution AZ!

We have solar programs in TRICO that can save you over 20% the first month and over fifty thousand dollars over the lifespan of the solar panel system!

Regardless if you are looking at purchased, financed or leasing options, have your solar solutions!

We even offer ground mount, carport, roof-top mounting, and solar panels for mobile homes!

No matter your solar woes, we have your solar solutions! Give us a call to see how much you can save today! (520) 858-0220


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