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Which Solar Power Inverter Type is Best?

There are three main solar power inverter types for residential solar power. They are string, micro-inverter, and power optimizer. All of them convert the DC power that your panels produce, to AC power that your house uses. Each type has its own set of strengths and drawbacks, but which is best?

Let’s go over the pros and cons of each inverter type individually to see which is best for you.

String Inverter

String inverters are the most common type of solar power inverter system because the technology has been around for more than 20 years. It is a simple system with each solar panel connecting to the next panel in a “string” and eventually feeding into the central inverter.

Pros: Lower initial cost, simple design

Cons: Lower efficiency, hard to troubleshoot, susceptible to shading issues

Micro Inverter

A micro inverter system is very different from a string inverter system. Each solar panel gets its own small inverter attached to the back of the panel. This converts the power to AC immediately and then combines the panels to feed the house.

Pros: More efficient, easy to troubleshoot, not susceptible to shading issues, a lower initial cost

Cons: More susceptible to heat failure, more complicated system overall, less popular in general, low long term reliability

Power Optimized

A power-optimized system combines the best attributes of the string and micro inverter systems. It is a string inverter at its core, utilizing a central inverter. However, it integrated a power optimizer module, that is attached to the back of each panel, to regulate the power coming out of each panel. This increases efficiency to 99.5% and mitigates any shade or troubleshooting issues.

Pros: Very efficient, easy to troubleshoot, good long term reliability, heat tolerant, not susceptible to shading issues

Cons: Higher initial cost, newer technology

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