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5 Reasons to Go Solar

Living in the Southern part of Arizona has its advantages…consistent warm weather, proximity to California, some beautiful scenery, relevantly close vacation destination (Mexico), and about 286 days of sunshine per year. For those of us in solar energy, that’s like pennies from heaven, a never-ending supply of energy we can use for our homes. It’s important to remind ourselves of the main core reasons to go solar. So that withstanding, here are 5 reasons to go solar in no particular order..because they’re all important.

Reduce Your Electricity Bill

If this is news to you, you may have arrived here accidentally. It’s by far the number one reason people look at going solar for the home or business in the first place. Some homeowners can reduce their rates by more than 60 %, on average you will reduce your electricity bill by 40% or more.

Helping the Environment

It is true you can help protect the environment by adding solar panels to your home, but by how much? That’s an easy one for us. According to the most recent EPA study, the average American home emits about 20 metric tons of carbon a year. To put that into some perspective, this study claims that the average vehicle creates about 4-5 metric tons a year. So, 4 cars equal 1 home. Adding solar panels to your home reduces this carbon footprint by 4-5 tons annually, so it’s like getting rid of a car that runs on gas.

Improves Home Value

Never once have we heard, that having solar panels on the home I just bought was a real pain. It just doesn’t happen. Though it may be true that people sometimes wrestle with the decision to go solar, people seem to be excited when they look to buy a home that already has the functionality installed..who wouldn’t want lower electric bills.

Protecting Yourself From Rising Energy Cost

We’ll use that as our benchmark since about 60% of electricity is created by coal. So to keep this relative, the average home price in Arizona is about $175,000. In 1970, the average home price was $62,000. An increase of about 180%. Not really that bad…coal prices have increased about 1400%. That’s the equivalent of the average Arizona home costing close to $1,000,000.00. With solar, you can protect yourself over the long haul against rising energy costs.

Create Jobs Locally in a Growing Industry

Most solar companies, like Solar Solution Az, are locally owned and operated. The solar industry has led the way over the past decade in creating jobs faster than almost any other industry in the United States.

These are just a few of the many reasons people should go solar in their home or business, after reviewing our site, we’re sure you’ll find your own reasons.


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