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Best Energy Saving Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are a special time of year for many people who look forward to celebrating the season by sharing gifts and spending time with loved ones. Unfortunately, it is also a time when energy bills can vastly soar. By putting energy savings at the top of your Christmas list this year you can lower your consumption costs and truly enjoy the holiday season. Here are a few helpful tips on how to avoid high energy bills this Christmas season.

Tip # 1 Prepare in Advance
Homeowners can begin planning their energy efficiency well in advance by getting their homes inspected prior to the holidays. A trained professional can conduct a full audit and inspection of the home’s use of energy. For instance, they can reveal areas of the home where air may be leaking such as from old windows or from insulation levels that have depleted. By addressing these areas prior to the holidays you can keep your energy bill in check and witness cost savings throughout the following year.

Tip #2 Switch All Lights to LED
Another excellent way to reduce your energy bills this holiday season is to invest in LED lighting. LED lights are much more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent lighting. In many homes, Christmas lights are not only on the tree, but they are on the mantle as well as outside of the home. By installing LED Christmas lights, you will use up to 80% less energy when compared to traditional lighting. These are some excellent cost savings indeed!

Tip #3 Unplug Unused Items
An alternative way to save on Christmas lighting is to turn them off when not in use. For instance, turn them off when you know you will be away from home or while the family is sleeping. This will reduce their overall energy draw and it will save you money in the long run. Christmas lights can further be put on a timer and programmed to shut off automatically just in case you forget. Another great way to save on Christmas lighting is to use battery-operated candles as a way to not only keep in line with the holiday spirit but to save on your energy bill.

Tip #4 Wise Use of Kitchen Appliances
The holidays are also a time for meal prep and Christmas parties. As such, it is inevitable that a lot of time will be spent in the kitchen. To save energy in the kitchen, consider your use of appliances. For instance, monitor how often the refrigerator door is opened and closed and try to keep frequently used items like drinks on a nearby counter. For instance, a cooler filled with ice can be used so that guests do not have to go in and out of the refrigerator as often. Another tip is to consider using the dishwasher instead of hand washing dishes. Hand washing uses more water than the dishwasher, but let your dishes air-dry instead of heating them dry in the dishwasher—this can help you further save on energy. Lastly, consider using the microwave or slow cooker as much as possible as they will help you cut back on electricity as compared to conventional ovens which use more electricity.

Tip #5 Monitor the Thermostat
Last but not least, when it gets colder outdoors you are bound to turn up your thermostat. However, this also means that you’ll have additional energy costs to match. Consider turning down your thermostat to as low as comfortable during the holiday season. Also, consider turning down the thermostat when visitors are over or while preparing meals. The additional guests as well as the warmth from the kitchen will automatically warm up the home. Furthermore, if you want to treat yourself to a gift this year, now is a great time to install a smart, programmable thermostat that can help efficiently regulate your home’s heat usage, ensuring you cost savings on your heating bill.

Tip#6 Look into Renewable Energy

Home solar power and other forms of renewable energy have an awesome potential to reduce what you spend on electricity. Most residential solar customers save over 30% off their energy bills immediately without making any changes in their lifestyle. This is because solar power is roughly one-third the cost of traditional grid electricity. We recommend looking into solar power once you have reduced your electric consumption through all the other methods listed, slashing your electric bills even further. Solar energy is the single greatest step you can take to reduce what you spend on electricity.

So, while the winter holiday season may be in full swing there is no reason for energy bills to take away from this festive time of year. Make conservation of energy a part of your New Year’s resolution and commit to reducing your energy consumption. Your wallet will thank you and you will also have minimal impact on the environment. Give us a call today and see why solar is an essential part of an efficient home (520) 858-0220


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