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How Your Electric Bill Will Pay For Your Solar System

Savings Overview

A more economical and cleaner way to purchase electricity.

Many homeowners in Tucson, Sierra Vista, and Phoenix saw an amazing start to the transformation of a cleaner and more economically viable way to purchase energy for homes and facilities. With the amount of money a home or facility is currently paying for electricity that same home or facility could be paying less by going with Solar, a cleaner type of energy.

Let us illustrate the savings potential you can see with solar with this example.

John Smith is currently paying 100 dollars per month to his Tucson Electric Company. Out of that $100, $90 is going to buy the KWH that his home is currently using the other $10 is going to the electric company for the charges associated with the electric service lines going to his home. John Smith opted to go solar and his new bill with solar is $90 per month not including the $10 per month that he still has to pay to the Tucson Electric Company. In the end, John Smith pays the same month for a cleaner type of energy but the astonishing part is that after 10 years John Smith no longer has any payments to make for his solar electric bill. The average solar system lasts over 25 years so John Smith’s home will have free electricity for well over 15 years.

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Lawrence Berkeley Lab Find Solar Boost Home Resale Value

David R. Baker wrote an interesting article outlining the findings of a Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Study outlining solar panels’ effect on home resale value.

“The authors found that the size of a solar array can make a big difference in a home’s resale value. Among the houses studied, that value increased about $5,900 for each kilowatt that an array can generate.”

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