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Why Do You Need Batteries for Solar Panels?

Are you looking into solar power and wondering, “Do you need batteries for solar panels?” As the expert solar installer in Arizona, our team at Solar Solution AZ offers the following advice on how to decide which battery is best for you. For the answer to all your solar questions or to book a consultation, call us at 520-858-0220.

When Are Solar Batteries Essential?

Solar batteries are essential for an off-grid system to store any excess energy for when your panels experience reduced production. If you’re planning to install a grid-tied system that uses net energy metering (NEM) to sell back your excess power to the utility company, batteries aren’t as necessary. However, many homeowners still find it useful to store energy for low-production periods.

Types of Solar Batteries

Homeowners can choose from four primary types of solar batteries.


Lead-acid batteries are one of the oldest and most common battery options. While they’re the most affordable, they can’t hold much excess energy, so they are best for grid-tied systems that require minimal storage.


Lithium-ion batteries are the latest in battery technology, making them the most expensive. They’re compact, efficient, and can hold a significant amount of energy. They’re great for off-grid systems or solar panels that aren’t in areas with the most sun.


These batteries are durable and function in extreme temperatures, making them perfect for airlines and the transportation business. However, they’re rare in residential homes because they contain toxic ingredients and are bad for the environment.


Flow batteries rely on chemical reactions to reproduce stored energy. While they’re incredibly efficient and can discharge 100% of their storage, they require significant space and cost.

What To Consider When Selecting Your Solar Battery

If you’re wondering, “Do you need batteries for solar panels?” evaluate the following considerations before going solar so you can choose the best battery for your system.

Your Needs

Will you use the battery intermittently or for long periods? The longer you go without generating energy, the greater energy storage you’ll require.


Experts measure battery capacity in kilowatt-hours, and the same type of battery can have different capacities depending on its size. You can determine your required capacity by calculating your average energy use and purchasing a battery whose capacity equals or exceeds the extra power you produce. 


Consider how much space you have for the battery and how much maintenance you can afford. In general, avoid nickel-cadmium batteries to prevent the risk that comes with disposing of them.


What battery can you afford? If you don’t need much energy storage, consider saving money with a lead-acid battery.

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Do you need batteries for solar panels? If you’ve decided a battery is the best fit for your current or future solar power system, our Solar Solution AZ experts can help you choose the best one. We can also teach you how to size a battery.

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