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Debunking Popular Solar Energy Myths and Presenting the Facts

Solar energy panels are still relatively new, although we have years of solar power research. Unfortunately, several myths spreading across the internet hinder homeowners from taking advantage of energy savings. 

Don’t let incorrect data mislead you. Contact us for solar panel installation in Arizona by Solar Solution AZ, and let us debunk those solar energy myths. 

Myth 1: Solar Panels Only Work in Certain Climates

Solar panels collect energy from the sun and create light energy, which they use to convert to electricity. Since solar panels collect power from the sun, they can work in nearly any climate and temperature, even in freezing, cloudy weather. While direct sunlight for solar panels ensures optimal energy collection, they remain effective as long as there is sunlight, even in less than ideal conditions.

Myth 2: They’re Loud

There are no mechanical parts in solar panels. No mechanical parts mean very little between gathering the energy and converting it to electricity, making it an extremely efficient process. Additionally, no mechanical parts also mean no noise.  

Myth 3: They Only Work During the Day

One of the most common solar energy myths is that solar panels only work when the sun is out.

Solar panel users remain hooked to the city’s power grid for power at night and during blackouts. In addition, battery backups allow solar panel users to store energy for nighttime use. Another battery backup benefit is that the city credits homeowners for excess energy produced and stored. 

Myth 4: Solar Panel Installation Reduces Curb Appeal

Modern solar panels no longer distract or diminish your home’s appearance. Modern panels are thin and sleek with nearly invisible wiring. Panels typically consist of silicon, metal, and glass, so they are non-toxic and recyclable. 

Myth 5: They Require a Lot of Maintenance

This is another popular solar myth.

Contractors place solar panels on the roof at an angle for efficient energy gathering. This angle prevents dirt, debris, and rain buildup, which means little to no cleanup required by homeowners.

No mechanical parts also mean little to no maintenance required by technicians. Once placed, solar panels are safe for your roof and require minimal follow-up. 

Myth 6: They Are Too Expensive

Solar power is an investment. However, it is an investment that pays for itself within the first three to six years.

Solar panels pay for themselves with the monthly amount saved by homeowners on energy. Solar panels also add to a home’s resale value because potential homebuyers see it as an improvement they don’t have to invest in. On average, homes with solar panels see a 17% increase in value.

While not every state offers incentives for switching to solar, the federal government does offer one, regardless of the state you live in. Talk to a professional to find out what incentives you qualify for to make the most of your investment. 

Solar Solution AZ

Solar Solution AZ is your local expert on solar energy systems in southern Arizona. In addition to debunking solar energy myths, we offer installation, servicing, and monitoring. 

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