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The New Solar Tariff

What does the new solar tariff mean for home solar in Tucson?

We have all seen the news about the new 30% import tariff on solar panels. The main question now is, what does it mean for solar in Tucson and does it mean I can still go solar in Tucson.

At Solar Solution AZ, our roots run deep in Arizona solar. Although we are disheartened by the Federal Government’s decision on this issue, we will not let it affect our goal, mission, and drive.

We will continue to service the Southern Arizona community with high-quality solar installation, at the same low price point, regardless of the dramatically higher price point of our supplies.

The Tucson community has always given us great support, and we believe it is our responsibility to give that support back!

Our President, and solar energy expert, Kent Bauman issued an insightful statement on the subject:

“In the wake of yesterday’s presidential approval of a 30% tariff on imported solar equipment, Solar Solution AZ, a local solar installer, has committed to absorb these additional costs rather than pass them on to homeowners.

The US International Trade Commission recommended adding solar import tariffs to the Trump Administration based on complaints about global price competition received from two US-based foreign-owned solar panel manufacturers.

The Solar Energy Industry Association has estimated that this new tariff will eliminate 23,000 of the 260,000 jobs in the solar industry.

According to Robert Watson III, the founder and CEO of the Solar Solution AZ, “We have always been committed to helping homeowners save money by going solar while creating good-paying jobs in Tucson.”

Watson further explains that the savings associated with choosing solar energy for customers who choose to go solar have never been better due to lower equipment costs and 30% federal tax credits.

We hope new customers will respond to this gesture with additional orders that will help us cover these higher costs.”

The Arizona Corporation Commission will be soon deciding on a recent TEP rate request that could reduce the financial benefits to future solar customers by up to 20% in the first year.

Watson hopes that the ACC will consider moderating TEP’s proposed additional costs to new solar customers in lieu of the Trump Administration’s new taxes on solar energy.

Solar Solution AZ is a licensed, bonded, and insured Arizona contractor that has sold and installed solar systems throughout Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas since 2012.”

The bottom line, we are going to stand with the community and keep prices consistent! Give us a call at (520) 858-0220 to learn more!


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