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Five Interesting Facts About the Largest U.S. Solar Farms

An ever-increasing number of people, including individuals from all walks of life and of all ages, are
becoming more aware of the importance of expanding the use of alternate energy resources. This
includes the use of solar energy, including that generated by large solar farms in the United States
and elsewhere around the world.
If you are also like a growing number of people, your interest in the operation of solar energy
farms may have peaked in recent years. You keep reading, seeing, and hearing about them, but
you have at least some desire to see a solar farm operation up close and personal.
If that describes you, and you are also in the process of planning a trip that will bring you into
proximity to a solar farm, consider a tour. The reality is that you, and your family, are very likely
to find a solar energy farm highly interesting and educational. You are certain to come away
from the experience with a greatly enhanced appreciation of the ins and outs associated with solar

Solar Star Farm, Rosamond, California
Solar Star Farm is one of the newest operations in the world, going online in 2015. Being one of
the newest farms in operation, it is the largest in the world when it comes to capacity.
The farm generates 579 megawatts.
One of the unique features of Solar Star Farm is found in its highly efficient use of what are known
as solar photovoltaic cells. These cells have a unique sun tracking system. As a result, Solar Star
uses less than 20 percent of the number of solar photovoltaic cells found in the facility that
produces the second-highest amount of energy.

Topaz Solar Farm, San Luis Obispo County, California
Topaz Solar Farm is massive. It spans almost 10 square miles and consists of 9 million solar
An interesting fact associated with Topaz Solar Farm involves its owner. Topaz Solar Farm is owned
by Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffet’s company. Buffet is considered one of the most ingenious
investors in the world, a man who recognizes market trends. Many in the industry believe Buffet’s
heavy investment in solar energy bodes well for the future of this energy source.

Desert Sunlight Solar Farm, Desert Center, California
Desert Sunlight Solar Farm is only slightly smaller than Topaz. Desert Sunlight Solar Farm consists
of 8.8 million solar modules situated on just over 6 square miles.
If you want to visit a solar farm as part of your travels, and if your trip will take you anywhere near
this facility, Desert Sunlight Solar Farm is the perfect destination to learn more about this type of
energy source and production. Desert Sunlight Solar Farm maintains an on-site Solar Energy
Learning Center.

Copper Mountain Solar Facility, Boulder City, Nevada
One of the earlier, large-scale, solar farms, Copper Mountain Solar Facility has been constructed in
stages. The facility now generates 458 megawatts.
On the forefront of innovation, Copper Mountain Solar Facility was bestowed the Solar Project of
the Year, by Renewable Energy World, in 2011. The facility continues to innovate and refine the
manner in which solar energy is collected and produced.

Agua Caliente Solar Project, Yuma County, Arizona
Agua Caliente Solar Project generates 290 megawatts. One of the distinguishing features of Agua
Caliente Solar Project is that it is remotely controlled by First Solar, from its Operations Center.

The remote operation of the Agua Caliente Solar Project is underscoring the potential solar energy
facilities have for the future. This includes the possible placement of solar farms not only on but
also above the Earth.
Agua Caliente Solar Project has been recognized for its various innovations. The facility has won
the Global Plant of the Year award by Intersolar America and the Top Plant Award from Solar by
Power Magazine, receiving both important designations in 2014.
Arranging a Solar Farm Tour
Many people do just present themselves at solar farms in order to visit and tour a facility.
Nonetheless, as you work on planning your trip, take the time to schedule a solar farm tour that
will be within the range of your travels. If children will be traveling with you, let the facility know of
that when you make a reservation. The reality is that many solar farms maintain unique
programming for school-age children that visit their facilities. As a general rule, solar farms do not
charge for tours. In addition, they oftentimes do offer items for sale following a tour, including
shirts and other mementos of a visit.

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