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Will Solar Panels Work For My Manufactured/Mobile Home?

Solar Panel Systems have become increasingly popular in Tucson over the last few years, and it is pretty easy to see why. No money down financing, home equity boosts, and upfront savings from my electric bill? Where do I sign up? Electric customers that are living in Manufactured or Mobile homes have been all but […]

Is Solar Net Metering Ending in Arizona?

Probably, but the future of Solar in Arizona doesn’t look quite as dark as it seems! For those of you just tuning in, Net Metering refers to the agreement homeowners make with the Utility company when they install rooftop solar. It works pretty simply, any excess electricity produced that you don’t use right away at the […]

That Dark Side of Solar is Pretty Sunny

10 September was the biggest month ever for Tucson Electric Power’s Renewable Energy Department. Over 500 applications for new solar connections came in and October seems to be keeping pace.What’s driving this surge? Better financing options for consumers and better information results in an even broader range of customers. Now Tucsonans are financing solar through […]

TEP is Getting On Board With Solar!!!

We received a call yesterday from TEP to attend a meeting in regards to the TEP solar program that may or may not be kicking off in 2015. TEP is going to be setting up solar systems for their customers so as to help the forward progress of solar and to get on board with […]

How Your Electric Bill Will Pay For Your Solar System

Savings Overview A more economical and cleaner way to purchase electricity. Many homeowners in Tucson, Sierra Vista, and Phoenix saw an amazing start to the transformation of a cleaner and more economically viable way to purchase energy for homes and facilities. With the amount of money a home or facility is currently paying for electricity […]

Lawrence Berkeley Lab Find Solar Boost Home Resale Value

David R. Baker wrote an interesting article outlining the findings of a Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Study outlining solar panels’ effect on home resale value. “The authors found that the size of a solar array can make a big difference in a home’s resale value. Among the houses studied, that value increased about $5,900 for […]

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