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Best Energy Saving Tips for the Holidays

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The holidays are a special time of year for many people who look forward to celebrating the season by sharing gifts and spending time with loved ones. Unfortunately, it is also a time when energy bills can vastly soar. By putting energy savings at the top of your Christmas list this year you can lower […]

5 Reasons to Go Solar

Living in the Southern part of Arizona has its advantages…consistent warm weather, proximity to California, some beautiful scenery, relevantly close vacation destination (Mexico), and about 286 days of sunshine per year. For those of us in solar energy, that’s like pennies from heaven, a never-ending supply of energy we can use for our homes. It’s […]

Home Values Increase With Solar Panels

There are a lot of ways that you can improve the value of your house, but there are fewer ways to improve the value of your house while making your budgeting concerns less than they are before you start that investment. Home values increase with solar panels. With solar panels, you will find not only […]

Solar and LED Lighting go Hand-in-Hand

Solar panels and LEDs: Peanut Butter and Jelly Solar power and energy efficiency are generally touted as two alternative solutions to our energy and environmental crises. But in fact, rather than being in competition with one another, it is actually only the two of them working in tandem that has the ability to get us […]

How Solar Can Help the Environment

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Solar power is always with us. We believe that what we do is important. With that, we have decided to create a series of short articles on how solar can help the environment. If you have any questions or concerns afterward, feel free to contact us to discuss what you can do as well. How […]

Is Solar Power Right for Me?

Is solar energy the right choice for me and my home? More and more homeowners are making the switch to clean energy every day. I’m sure you’ve seen your neighbor with solar panels down the street; keep an eye out if you haven’t. They are everywhere! A Solar Solution AZ, we have helped over 2,000 […]

What to Expect From Your Home Solar Energy Analysis

Thank you for taking the next step in learning about home solar power and what it means for you, our Tucson economy, and our beautiful planet! Why is a Home Solar Energy Analysis important? There is an incredible variety of solar programs available; some are tailored for young homeowners looking to increase the value of […]

Do Solar Panels Protect or Cool My Roof?

Anyone who lives in Arizona knows that the power of the sun is no joke! From sunburns to faded car seats, the sun-rays seem to harm everything they touch. You can even fry an egg on the sidewalk in July for Pete’s sake! Your house is no different. The hot summer sun leaves its mark […]

Are Solar Panels Safe for my Roof?

“Are solar panels safe for my roof? Can solar damage my roof? Are there any risks to my roof with solar panels? Is there a safe way to install solar on my roof?” You don’t need me to tell you that your roof is important, and I definitely don’t need to tell you that roofing work can […]

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost? What is the Price of Solar?

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“How much do solar panels cost? What is the price of a solar panel system for my home?” These have been my most asked questions since I started helping people control their electricity costs. They aren’t always easy questions to answer either. The answer for someone with a small townhouse and a $100-a-month average electric bill […]
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