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Your Safety is Front of Mind

We wanted to reach out today and assure you that we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely with a focus on its impact on our clients, team, and community. We want to assure you that Solar Solution AZ is prepared and will fully support you through the next few weeks as the situation evolves.

Your Safety is Front of Mind

  • Yes, we are still open! Our hours are going to remain the same during this time as well.
  • We are now offering virtual consultations via Zoom/Skype/Google Hangouts, etc. (whatever will work best for you!) 
  • We will now provide you with e-signature documents so that you can sign from the ease of your email and send it right back to us.
  • We have continued to take enhanced measures to clean and disinfect all high-touch areas of our store throughout the day, as well as a deep cleanse at the end of each business day. 

For Our Team

  • Our electricians, monitoring, and installation crews are taking more safety measures, including wearing cloth masks and keeping a 6 ft distance from one another.

Special Offer

  • When you sign up with us, you automatically qualify for a $250 gift card to the grocery store of your choice! On top of that, we will match that $250 towards a donation to the community food bank.

If you have any questions about our services or hours you can always get in touch with us by calling (520) 858-0220 or emailing us at

Is the Federal Tax Credit For Solar Panels Going Away in 2020?

More than 2 million homeowners nationwide have made the switch for their homes to clean solar power. Over 140,000 of those homeowners are right here in our home state of Arizona! Arizona currently ranks 3rd in the whole country for solar installed according to the Solar Energy Industries Association.

It’s no wonder why Arizonans like solar power. We have over 350 days of sunshine a year and generous programs from the electric utilities and our state government to help offset the cost of going solar.

The main incentive the state of Arizona offers to homeowners going solar is a $1,000 tax credit on your state taxes. This tax credit is good through the end of 2020.

Another factor that many Arizona homeowners take into account when making the decision to go solar is the tax credit the federal government gives for homeowners installing solar panels. This is referred to as the Federal Investment Tax Credit. Since 2006, it has provided a 30% tax credit on the total cost of purchasing a solar panel system.

For 2020, this number will be stepped down to 26%, and it will be brought down further to 22% for 2021. After 2021, the tax credit will be eliminated; unless it is extended by new legislation.

If you missed the deadline for the 30% tax credit, don’t worry, you can still save money by going solar. The price of solar panels and other solar equipment has dropped substantially in recent years, and the cost of purchasing electricity from the utility “grid” has only gotten more expensive.

Our solar purchase program for 2020 is saving customers on average 20% the very first month after installation and over $50,000 of savings over the life of the solar panel system!

Give us a call at (520) 858-0220 to speak with a real solar expert here in Tucson, or stop by our offices at Grant and I-10!

TEP Ends Net Metering Program, Adopts Net Export

It’s hard to miss the news. After months of ACC (Arizona Corporation Commission) hearings, TEP (Tucson Electric Power) has scrapped its solar net metering program for a new solar export program. This move was taken in mid-September of 2018.

What isn’t so clear though, is how this move affects homeowners looking at going solar and customers who currently have solar panels installed on their houses.

First, the decision grandfathers anyone who currently has solar panels installed or anyone who has their interconnection application approved by TEP into the net metering program that they signed up for a period of 20 years. Feel free to call us at (520) 858-0220 if you have any questions regarding which TEP program you are interconnected under.

Next, it is best to understand the difference between net metering plans and net export plans.

On a net metering plan, any excess electricity that is produced is sent back onto the grid and the homeowner is credited for the extra electricity to be used at a later date/time. 1 kwh is credited for every 1 kwh sent back onto the grid.

On a net export plan, any excess electricity that is produced is sent back onto the grid and the homeowner is credited a set dollar amount for the electricity, credited to their bill, which they may use for electricity at a later date/time. TEP credits homeowners 9.64 cents for every kwh sent back onto the grid.

TRICO currently operates under a net export rate plan. We have been a leader in developing solar programs for TRICO and currently have hundreds of happy TRICO solar customers.

Any homeowners currently looking into solar panels will be interconnected to the new net export rate plan.

We currently have solar programs based on TEP’s new net export guidelines that will save you as much as our net metering programs have saved customers in the past.

The most important thing to understand is that these are just solar billing methods, they don’t necessarily mean your savings will be any better or worse under a certain rate plan. It is best to consult with one of our local solar energy experts to determine what your actual savings would be.

Give us a call at (520) 858-0220 to learn more about how our solar programs work in TEP and learn how much you could be saving with solar panels.

Solar Panels Tucson

Does solar really save you money in Tucson?

What are the benefits of going solar in Tucson Arizona?

Why do you see so much solar power in Tucson?

With over 50 years of Tucson solar experience and over three thousand solar panel customers, we know a thing or two about solar panels in Tucson!

Solar energy works great in Southern Arizona and Pima County! Anyone who has been to Tucson knows that it’s sunny (and full of cactus), but did you know that solar panels actually produce more in Tucson because of how much sun there is? We have over 300 days of sunshine per year here in Tucson, more than enough to get your home energized on clean power!

The local electrical utility companies, TEP, TRICO, SSVEC, APS, UNISOURCE, etc… all have great programs for homeowners to go solar! The electric companies have to meet certain quotas for renewable energy, so they want you to switch to solar power! You are able to stay connected to the grid while making your own renewable power for less than what the electric companies would have charged you!

The government tax credit is still in effect! The federal government will cover 30% of your solar panel system cost through their federal investment tax credit!

We have flexible $0 down solar programs! Get started with solar with no money out of pocket and flexible solar purchase and solar lease options!

When you want the best for your home in Tucson, go with the best solar panel installation company! Join the Solar Solution AZ family today! (520) 858-0220

We Work with TRICO!

Can solar be installed on my home if I have TRICO electric utility? Will solar save me money if my home is connected to TRICO? Does TRICO allow solar panels on my home?

YES! We can install onto homes connected to the TRICO Electricity Grid! 

YES! Our solar panels WILL save you money in TRICO!

YES! TRICO Absolutely allows solar panels on your house!

As the largest local solar installer in Southern Arizona, we have taken a stand to ensure that all of our community has access to cheap renewable energy! We have designed a solar program to work with TRICO customers to save them money on their electric bills.

There have been some changes with how solar customers connect to TRICO’s electric grid that has kept some solar installers from working with TRICO customers, but not Solar Solution AZ!

We have solar programs in TRICO that can save you over 20% the first month and over fifty thousand dollars over the lifespan of the solar panel system!

Regardless if you are looking at purchased, financed or leasing options, have your solar solutions!

We even offer ground mount, carport, roof-top mounting, and solar panels for mobile homes!

No matter your solar woes, we have your solar solutions! Give us a call to see how much you can save today! (520) 858-0220

The New Solar Tariff

What does the new solar tariff mean for home solar in Tucson?

We have all seen the news about the new 30% import tariff on solar panels. The main question now is, what does it mean for solar in Tucson and does it mean I can still go solar in Tucson.

At Solar Solution AZ, our roots run deep in Arizona solar. Although we are disheartened by the Federal Government’s decision on this issue, we will not let it affect our goal, mission, and drive.

We will continue to service the Southern Arizona community with high-quality solar installation, at the same low price point, regardless of the dramatically higher price point of our supplies.

The Tucson community has always given us great support, and we believe it is our responsibility to give that support back!

Our President, and solar energy expert, Kent Bauman issued an insightful statement on the subject:

“In the wake of yesterday’s presidential approval of a 30% tariff on imported solar equipment, Solar Solution AZ, a local solar installer, has committed to absorb these additional costs rather than pass them on to homeowners.

The US International Trade Commission recommended adding solar import tariffs to the Trump Administration based on complaints about global price competition received from two US-based foreign-owned solar panel manufacturers.

The Solar Energy Industry Association has estimated that this new tariff will eliminate 23,000 of the 260,000 jobs in the solar industry.

According to Robert Watson III, the founder and CEO of the Solar Solution AZ, “We have always been committed to helping homeowners save money by going solar while creating good-paying jobs in Tucson.”

Watson further explains that the savings associated with choosing solar energy for customers who choose to go solar have never been better due to lower equipment costs and 30% federal tax credits.

We hope new customers will respond to this gesture with additional orders that will help us cover these higher costs.”

The Arizona Corporation Commission will be soon deciding on a recent TEP rate request that could reduce the financial benefits to future solar customers by up to 20% in the first year.

Watson hopes that the ACC will consider moderating TEP’s proposed additional costs to new solar customers in lieu of the Trump Administration’s new taxes on solar energy.

Solar Solution AZ is a licensed, bonded, and insured Arizona contractor that has sold and installed solar systems throughout Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas since 2012.”

The bottom line, we are going to stand with the community and keep prices consistent! Give us a call at (520) 858-0220 to learn more!

Is Solar Net Metering Ending in Arizona?

Probably, but the future of Solar in Arizona doesn’t look quite as dark as it seems!

For those of you just tuning in, Net Metering refers to the agreement homeowners make with the Utility company when they install rooftop solar. It works pretty simply, any excess electricity produced that you don’t use right away at the house gets back-fed onto the electric grid. They get credited exactly how many kWh they put onto the grid to be used later on that year. It is a 1-to-1 transfer ratio, so they get to use the credits later on without losing any in the transfer. If any credits are leftover at the end of the year, the utility company pays a set rate for those, typically around 2-4 cents per kWh. However, most of the electricity that is being made throughout the year, will be used sometime that year and will still carry the retail value for electricity, roughly 13-14 cents per kWh.

Utility companies have been going back and forth with ACC utility regulators about changing the net metering policies, since the beginning days of rooftop solar, with every new rate case spreading more uncertainty for homeowners looking into solar for themselves. I remember meeting with my very first customer at the start of my solar career; they were worried that TEP was going to make drastic changes to rooftop solar’s net metering guidelines before they could get their own panel array put up. If you read the disclaimer on their electric bill, you probably would too.  That was years ago though and no changes have been made yet, although it feels like this game of chicken is well into overtime.

For those of us that have been watching this grudge match from the beginning, the finale on the horizon is a sight for sore eyes.

Recently, the Phoenix-based Utility, APS reached an agreement with local solar and consumer advocacy groups to set the export rate for excess electricity produced by rooftop solar panels. This is not an official ACC decision, so it carries no real weight, but it is a sign of things to come.

These are the basics:

  • The plan would get rid of net metering policies for all new homeowners signing up after the decision is final
  • Current solar customers would be grandfathered in for 20 years to the old net metering policies
  • New customers signing up would be paid 12.9 cents per kWh for all their excess electricity

If the light bulb hasn’t clicked yet, this isn’t a very big difference from today’s policies. In fact, for most solar customers under our plans, today’s bills would only change by a few dollars.

Not quite the dark future you were expecting, was it?

TEP is Getting On Board With Solar!!!

We received a call yesterday from TEP to attend a meeting in regards to the TEP solar program that may or may not be kicking off in 2015. TEP is going to be setting up solar systems for their customers so as to help the forward progress of solar and to get on board with the transition into a greener world. I personally believe that there is some profit motive here because TEP is an investor-owned utility company. But it’s ok for investors to make money and at the same time save the average everyday family money right? I would agree so Solar Solution AZ is on board with helping TEP integrate more solar into Tucson. We hope the program is fair and that it actually saves TEP customers money and that is not a gimmick like their solar plan before. The solar plan before was where a customer would pay a premium to buy a couple of solar panels at one of the TEP solar farms. The deal was pretty much a rip-off where a customer would never see a return on investment.

There is no clear indication on whether or not this plan is going to be approved or not but if TEP’s plan is fair and it saves customers money we at Solar Solution AZ are on board with that but if it does not save the customer money you can rest assured that we will not be a part of it.

More to come I will provide an update next week after the meeting.


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