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Steps on How to Size a Battery For Solar Energy Systems

Solar Solution, a trusted Residential Solar Company in Arizona, wants you to appreciate an often overlooked step: choosing the right battery size for your solar-powered energy systems. Knowing how to size a battery for solar panel systems is crucial to giving your home the power it needs without overpaying for too large a system. These simple […]

New Solar Panel Technology: Trends in 2022

| Solar Solution AZ |
Solar power is a widely accepted form of energy that continues to take the nation by storm. Although the pandemic slowed the industry’s growth by 38%, with employee declines from roughly 302,000 to 188,000 workers, 2021’s 30% production increase quickly brought solar power close to its former glory.  Stepping into 2022, the solar industry decided […]

Five Reasons Why a Solar-Powered Tiny House Is a Good Idea

Tiny homes are affordable, cost-efficient housing for people who don’t need too much extra space. This fad swept the nation many years ago and, despite all odds, has remained a popular choice for home builders. But what if you combined a tiny home with solar power? A solar-powered tiny house is the pinnacle of efficient […]

Three Different Types of Solar Farms

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Did you know that multiple types of solar farms contribute to clean, sustainable, local power? Combined with solar panels on individual buildings, these farms help the world transition to healthier, more environmentally-friendly living. Solar Solution AZ, your local solar power expert, connects homeowners to a residential solar contractor in Arizona to help advance this goal. What Is […]

Debunking Popular Solar Energy Myths and Presenting the Facts

Solar energy panels are still relatively new, although we have years of solar power research. Unfortunately, several myths spreading across the internet hinder homeowners from taking advantage of energy savings.  Don’t let incorrect data mislead you. Contact us for solar panel installation in Arizona by Solar Solution AZ, and let us debunk those solar energy myths.  […]

Arizona Solar Tax Credit: What You Need to Know

Do you want to learn more about the Arizona solar tax credit? You can go over the facts about this credit with our team at Solar Solution AZ, Arizona’s top-rated commercial solar panel contractors. Get the details about solar power by calling us at 520-858-0220.  Your Options for the Arizona Solar Tax Credit Property owners […]

Solar Panels for Business: How Can They Help?

Solar energy is becoming a compelling option for business owners and residents across the country. These panels can effectively produce electricity for a home or business, reducing reliance on the power grid and positively impacting the environment. While most of the discussion in the media regards residential applications, solar panels for business can also bring […]

Can You Charge an Electric Vehicle EV on Solar Power?

| Solar Solution |
Electric vehicles are rapidly hitting the market due to their low cost to operate and zero emissions. This makes homeowners with solar a perfect candidate for an electric car. When going electric, you can expect to spend 50% less on energy (fuel) when compared to gas. Add solar charging into the mix and you can […]

How To Use Solar Power in Your Landscape

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The sunshine that shines so brightly in Arizona by day can do wonders for your landscape at night. Shine a solar spotlight on your flower beds. Plant some solar stakes to light the way to your front door. String solar lights from the roof of your gazebo. As long as you’re capturing the sun’s rays […]

Your Safety is Front of Mind

We wanted to reach out today and assure you that we are monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely with a focus on its impact on our clients, team, and community. We want to assure you that Solar Solution AZ is prepared and will fully support you through the next few weeks as the situation evolves. Your […]

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